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 Activities for inside and outside

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 Fresh vegetables and herbs year round

 Save Hundreds of dollars in produce

 Learn on-line, grow outside

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    I can’t wait until my kid gets to plant their very own Brok Lee, Book Choy, Carin the Carrot, and Sugar Snap & Sweet Pea outside in our garden

    - Akron Ohio Moms

    I cannot say enough about Growums! I love them. I have a black thumb when it comes to plants. I can even kill fake plants, that’s how talented I am. Until now... I have the magical growing touch! My black thumb is slowly turning brown and then hopefully green! All because of this great product Growums.

    -Colorado Moms

    Growums has been a great partner of Florida Agriculture in the Classroom’s school garden program over the years. We value our collaboration with the  company and look forward to working with in the future.

    - Lisa Gaskalla

    Executive Director, Florida Agriculture in the Classroom, Inc. (FAITC)

    Growums Kids Club is...

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    Kids learn gardening skills through technology and
    hands-on experience!


    If they grow it
    they will eat it

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    Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns


    Go outside! Exercise! Get dirty! Learn! Have fun! Eat healthy!


    New surprises in every monthly Club box, and something changes in the garden every day!

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    What are Growums?

    What are Growums?

    Growums  are your garden friends that
    live beneath the leaves outside. Their
    purpose in life is to help you have the
    most fun growing fresh, healthy
    vegetables all year, indoors and out! They
    have created more than 100 online
    videos that educate you on how to plan,
    start and care for your garden step by
    step. They also give you gardening tools,
    teach where food comes from, share
    activities that help exercise your brain
    and your body, and much more! Every
    character has a name and special
    qualities. Which one will be your favorite?

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