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Add a little character to your garden!

Growums was founded on the basic principle of teaching children and their families how fun it is to grow and eat healthier food. When I was growing up, everyone had a garden. If it wasn’t outside, it was inside next to a window or on the counter. Today, electronics have helped childhood obesity explode into a worldwide epidemic. Then it hit me: Why not take our electronics age and combine it with real gardening knowledge and cartoon characters to make gardening fun and engaging, while giving kids and their families everything they need to grow healthy food year-round!

We feel that by providing children with a remarkable experience to grow their own garden – along with the help of fun characters who coach them in a virtual world they can enjoy online – the kids will be attentive and successful in their real-life gardening adventures. My kids have done it, and so have the kids in my neighborhood. I can tell you from experience: The joy on their faces and the fun they had digging in the dirt – then eating what they grew – was immeasurable!

We’re extremely proud of how Growums has already changed lives for the better, and we’re looking forward to helping even more families grow around the world. We are so excited to bring this fun, educational club experience to your entire family – and to help add a little character to your garden!

Michael A. Ferraro

Founder, Growums

  A little about our Growums mission…

It’s time to take a fresh approach to kids clubs – in an exciting way that benefits your family, our planet and the lives of your children! As child-obesity concerns continue to rise, parents need to start thinking outside of the chocolate boxes. So say goodbye to unhealthy food options and hello to Growums! Growums teaches children and adults alike that delicious, healthy food comes from a seed – and they have the power to make it grow!

Meet out team

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Duke Cuke

Duke lives in the Growums Salad Garden, but he likes to mosey around and see how all his friends are growin’. They find his humor to be very refreshin’. (Must be because cucumbers are about 95 percent water!)

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Two, four, six, eight - Carin Carrot's really great! This cheerful vegetable 'roots' kids on in the garden as they grow healthier every day! Her hobbies include cheering on good eating habits and optometry.

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Hal E. Peno

Hal spices up the garden with a tasteful zing and can turn any boring meal into a zesty fiesta! If you want to heat things up, plant a pot of peppy jalapeño peppers! (Say that three times fast!)

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In the beginning...

Growums started in my own home with my own kids, then spread through the neighborhood and into my niece’s school. I called my best friend and told him I needed some cartoon characters, and he sketched some up. The next thing I knew, we had over 100,000 gardens in circulation, and then almost a million gardens growing! Even the older kids who didn’t think it was “cool” enough at first suddenly got into growing food, because they saw how fun it was. Every day their gardens changed, and every day there was something to do. Even better, when kids (and adults) grow their own food, they’ll at least try it once because THEY GREW IT! So now all these kids were eating vegetables!

When we discovered that learning through cartoons had over a 90% retention rate and that over 95% of the kids who grew vegetables and herbs would eat them at least once, we knew what we needed to do: We combined these concepts with the tech world to deliver our gardening information through fun-filled videos and entertainment via any computer or handheld device. And it was a success.


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Where we are today...

    The Club was developed with the mindset of helping children and their families grow fresh herbs and vegetables at home by giving them the tools and educational information needed to grow like an expert, as well as cool monthly gifts, stories, recipes and activities. With our Growums Kids Club, the fun and education never stops! Every day something happens in or around the garden – even in the winter. Kids are planting and sprouting seeds, watering and feeding, transplanting and growing, caring and protecting. Before they know it, they’re harvesting and preparing their homegrown food into some of the best and healthiest meals your family could eat. And the best part is THEY GREW IT!.


Are you ready to join the club yet?